SINCE 1986


ALL or Nunn Athletics Mission is to bring support, diversity and inclusion to our communities. We strongly believe that every person should have access to educators and mentors that they can relate to. Our programs and activities support historically marginalized students from low socioeconomic backgrounds to thrive and succeed in life.

We offer programs to enhance the cultural, social, and academic experiences of students. The programs have the goal of building community, celebrating cultures, and educating students on various topics.

We are committed to molding every STUDENT to excel in life, our goal is to offer a well-rounded program to not only improve your physical abilities but to develop strong, educationally sound and confident members of our society. All or Nunn Athletics understands and values the importance of effective mentoring. We want to ensure that everyone participating in our programs will be held to a certain standard. We believe that when you do things the Right Way and have the proper tools in place, our athletes will thrive in meeting their full potential.

CEO Michael Nunnally

Michael is a professional basketball player from Northern California. Raised in  Manteca/Stockton valley, after graduating East Union high school he committed to staying close to home and earned a scholarship to the University of the Pacific, where he played as a Power Forward until he graduated. 

Michael went on fulfilling his career in multiple countries over the last decade and truly understands the process of being a high-level athlete.

He has trained and developed professionals on a global scale and is looking forward to bringing his talents back to his roots, where he focuses on community building, and mentorship. 

“Have faith, believe in yourself &  work hard”



Theresa Nunnally

Theresa has over a decade of experience in business development, marketing, and mentorship. Theresa has worked around the globe with various organizations covering a multitude of verticals, this has given her the ability to overcome objections and keep a fair level playing field across the board.

She prides herself in offering excellent customer service by creating long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

VP of Operations Deanna Johnson

Deanna Johnson is a Bay Area native that has lived in the Central Valley for over 15 years. She has extensive knowledge within the finance and operational sector. Deanna’s precision and attention to detail have made her an organizational leader, and she uses her experience and education to make decisions to ensure an organization is profitable and sustainable.

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